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Our Primary Mathematics programme is constantly updated by our dedicated team of curriculum writers to reflect the latest trends in MOE syllabus and examination questions. Each topic’s handouts are carefully curated and thematically organised to suit your child’s individual learning capabilities.

The curriculum is designed to hone your child’s competence in problem-solving through a comprehensive series of problem solving heuristics to build-up confidence. Lessons are also kept fun and engaging to foster your child’s interest in Mathematics to stretch them to their fullest potential.

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“Let’s Recall!”

Each lesson begins with a review of prior learnings to reinforce concepts before new ones are taught.

“Let’s Learn!”

New concepts are introduced with a series of progressively challenging drills to stimulate learning.

“Let’s Try!”

Students get to attempt simulated examination questions to gain mastery of the topic.

“Let’s Solve!”

Students attempt more challenging questions and are rewarded with a well-deserved sense of satisfaction. Teacher then concludes the topic by recapping the concepts that have been taught.

“Let’s Try More!”

Students engage with a more diverse range of problems that deepen their understanding of concepts learned.

“Let’s Stretch!”

Students embark on a journey of advanced challenges, fostering creativity and critical thinking.

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