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At Thinker Education, we believe in holistically and organically developing your child’s raw talents, unleashing the true potential in your child.

Every child is a Thinker, and when you embark on this journey with us, our coaches will groom and nurture your child lovingly like a well-pruned Bonsai. We provide an ideal, conducive environment for your child to not just learn but fall in love with the subject.

Our team of coaches have many years of teaching experience under their belt and are specialists in their field. With their indefatigable zeal and passion for teaching, our dedicated coaches are committed to instil a zest for learning in your children.


To be a premier enrichment
centre in Singapore


To provide Thinkers with an empowering environment where they harness the skills needed to become successful lifelong learners


What sets Thinker Education apart from other centres is its coaches’ dedication and commitment to the individual growth of each student. Our class sizes are always kept small, and a strong emphasis is placed on open communication with both the students and parents during and outside of classroom time.

Coaches also devote extra time to do detailed post-mortems of the student’s performance in school examinations and individually diagnose the student’s aptitude. No stone is left unturned, and the coaches at Thinker Education also devote extra time and effort to track each student’s progress predictively and accurately.


A pensive Thinker rests his chin on one hand, his body still as stone but his brain a teeming hive of rapidly firing neurones, its rhizomatic assemblages branching into the great beyond.

It has been said that each nerve cell enlarged a thousandfold looks like a tree. The perfect visual metaphor for human knowledge, its trunk and branches stands sturdy and impenetrable most of the time, reaching for perfection in its highest boughs. Yet the tree flexes and sways with the wind when needed. A fortitude of strength, it grounds itself deeply in the Earth, its roots stretching to infinity.

Like trees, the Thinker stays rooted while soaring to greater heights.


a Thinker

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