My child did not do well in P4 maths so I started him at Thinker from the beginning of P5. After more than 7 months of lessons, he managed to narrow his learning gap and displayed more confidence. This was also confirmed by his school’s maths teacher. I attribute his improvements from the dedication and patience shown from Thinker’s principal Jasmine and Coach Stephanie. Even their whatsapp helpdesk Emily is responsive! Strongly recommended!

- Nat Lee

Clean and organised learning atmosphere, meticulous learning guidance.Learning is taking place at an appropriate level, not too fast. My child is already with thinker education throughout primary school.

- Chi Wawa

My boy used to struggle with Math in primary school, but since he joined Thinker Education he had improved greatly. For Sec 1 and 2, math was his best subject and he is currently taking both A n E math. Thinker is attentive to my child’s need and gives frequent updates on his progress. They also give parent a peace of mind with their sign in and out notification. Thank you Thinker! We enjoyed our learning journey at your Center.

- Vivien Goh

Both the teachers and admin staff are awesome. Always there to help and support both the parents and the kids.

- Andrew Soon

the teachers are really friendly and they always make sure to explain in detail everything they teach :)) 10/10 experience these lessons are single handedly carrying my math grades.

- Reina Tan

it really helped me with my PSLE and pulled up my math grades by leaps and bounds!! the constant support and affirmation from the coaches that i will do well really motivated me as well!

- Ashley Ng

Great Teachers! Very passionate and my child is awarded Best Maths Student in the class after 3 months.

- Kelvyn Chee

Join to excel in math i am telling you i went from a C to A* with thinkers help for PSLE ok! if u love dogs u should totally come too

- Shyann Lim

The teachers here use interesting methods which are efficient and easy, they also encourage you.

- Stefanie Amelia

I am very proud of my daughter, Jazreel Chua for taking up new beginnings and challenges with Thinker Math in November 2019 for their primary 7 programme. I am glad I have made the right choice to enrol her to the right centre - Thinker Education. Having Coach Jasmine with her is a great assurance and this can be seen in Jazreel's substantial improvement in results. She has displayed confidence and obtained excellent results in school after attending lessons with Thinker Math for about 4 months. Before that, Jazreel had many hidden areas of weaknesses. With Thinker Math strategies, she has expanded her horizon in Mathematics. She is also able to solve many challenging and tricky questions that many of her classmates are not able to. Most importantly, Jazreel is fortunate to be under Coach Jasmine whose guidance and commitment have brought great motivation to her. I fully recommend Thinker Education to those who are still searching for a reliable and good Math tuition centre. There is no better choice than Thinker Education.

- Linda

My son is sec 2 and started at Thinker since the start of 2023. He really advanced with the help of Coach Sam, who is very patient, fun, engaging and encouraging. His results has also shown progress, overall we are happy and hope he continues to enjoy Math :)

- Clara Lee

My daughter has been with Thinkers at Chun Tin branch since she was in Primary School till Sec 4 this year. The coaches have been very supportive and encouraging. They have established good rapport with students. My daughter enjoys her Math journey with the coaches throughout. Thus I am totally assured from a parent's perspective.

- Ginny Ang